Professional ergonomics research
Accord with people’s use habits
Professional analysis of the testings 
Strong R&D capabilities and innovation abilities
Trend-setting sex products
Sophisticated production technology
Exquisite quality
Perfect after -sale services 
Set up your trusted brands

Fashionable appearance ,novel visual experience

High technology combined with classic quality assurance.
100% waterproof .Clean and hydeian
Manufactured with quality certification and safety material
Super silence of vibration 
Full control over your private pleasure
Various vibration modes to choose from,meet your different needs.

Together with our sharp market perspicacity and passion , we spare no effort to builf “Touch Frequency Conversion Technology“,” Voice Control Frequency Conversion Technology” and ” Rotating Massage Technology.Bringing an ultimate pleasure for all our customers, we give you a new concept of new sex era, redefine comfort.

The difference between Touch Frequency Conversion Technology and the ordinary touch is that the latest mi lamination technology is in use once you pressed the “Touch” position. A metal ring is around the button to ensure the process, making it elegant and fashionable in the meantime.

Voice control frequency conversion  technology: Voice control technology is put in to sex toys. Toy interior uses high sensitive military-spy level voice sensor that can capture the every subtle change of frequency, volume and perception to your slight wheeze, groan, bringing you infinite vibration and stimulation.

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